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Love Fermented Kimchi 300g

Love Fermented Kimchi 300g

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Made locally in Tooting by Paul.
Probably the best kimchi we’ve ever had!

Kick-Ass Kimchi is an authentic Korean recipe… and not a kraut! It is packed full of vegetables, spices & deliciousness. This jar of gut-loving goodness packs a spicy kick… hence the name!

You can enjoy your Kimchi with almost anything. We enjoy ours with salads, salmon or as a grilled cheese toastie.

​Kick-ass Kimchi is fermented & unpasteurised which means they are packed full of live good gut bacteria.

This jar of kimchi can help provide you with essential vegetable variety with minerals, nutrients & roughage - all essential ingredients for a healthy diverse gut.

  • Chinese Leaf Cabbage (65%)

  • Korean Radish (11%)

  • Carrots (6%)

  • Onions (6%)

  • Chillies (3%)

  • Soybean Sauce (3%)

  • Korean Chives (2%)

  • Spring Onion (Spring Onion 1%)

  • Garlic (1%)

  • Ginger (0.5%)

  • Gluten Free Flour (0.5%)

  • Argave Syrup (0.5%)

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