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How do subscriptions work?

Simply choose a subscription that suits you best, choose how many people it is for and how frequenty you'd like your delivery - weekly or monthly. And that's it! We will show up at your door with your fish. Cancel any time. Easy!

why subscribe with us?

Convenient and hassle-free

No need to renew your order, we will simply show up to your chosen address with fish! Cancel any time.

Good price, great quality

We're competitively priced - often cheaper than the supermarket fish counters when looking at per/kg price! Let's not get started on the quality difference..

Sustainable, British fish that's good for you

We use sustainably caught fish, the majority of which is from British waters. Healthy and enjoyable for all the family.


One of the main reasons we wanted to do this subscription service is to push our customers out of their comfort zone. You can't beat a bit of Cod, we know that - but there are SO many other fish that are equally as delicious. In our subscriptions, we will surprise you with the best seasonal catch of the day.