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French Patés by Maison Argaud

French Patés by Maison Argaud

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PATE DE CAMPAGNE: Pork Meat, Pork Fat , Salt, Sugar, Eggs, Pepper, Garlic & Spices

PATE DE CANARDDuck meat, free-range pork meat and liver, eggs, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic.

RILETTES DE CANARD: Duck Meat, Duck Fat, Salt,Pepper, Sugar & Thyme 

TERRINE BASQUE: Pork Meat, Pork Liver, Eggs, Espelette Pepper, Sugar, Garlic & Pepper

REGION: South West 

The history of Maison Argaud begin in 1982, when Pierre Yves and Thierry Argaud decide to buy an old farm in Hournaut to share their passion of the french south west terroir. Since this time, Maison Argaud uses all it know-how to produce savoury regional specialtes like foie gras, patés, terrine and duck dishes !

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