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Life Of Fish



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Scotland, Cornwall.
Jigged / Demersal Otter Trawl

Please note:
When we clean Squid, a lot of weight is lost in the eyes, guts and insides. The larger the Squid, the larger quantity is of wastage. For small Squid, expect to lose 40-50% of the total weight in waste, and for larger Squid expect to lose 50-60% in wastage. 

Eg, a 'small' 250g Squid when cleaned is likely to be approx 120-140g when cleaned. A 'large' Squid of 400g is likely to be approx 190-200g when cleaned. 

Please bear this in mind when ordering. For large orders, we may send the waste in a separate packet to showcase the waste for peace of mind.


Due to natural size variation, we may send a different amount to what you have ordered but the total weight will be the same. Eg, one large instead of two small.

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